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About Us

About us

SB consultancy is registered in Spain and is a one of a kind Investment consultancy firm. We particularly deal with sports betting markets. We firmly believe that with right knowledge, bets placed on sports is not a gamble, but rather an investment. Because of this reason only we are confident enough to guarantee profits to all our clients. In case of losses we will fully refund all losses made by any client in the stipulated time period.
“The boundaries between luck and skill, and gambling and investment, are not defined by industry or activity, but rather by the person playing, and who they are playing against.”
Products offered by us are “profit packages”. Profit packages are in detail in the “profit package ” section.
Clients can choose any package, however for each individual only one package will be active at any point in time.

We guarantees that clients will be making a sure profit in the time period of 4 months by guaranteeing that in the event of losses incurred by client, company will fully refund the losses and payments made to the company. Guaranteed profits are explained in detail in the “Guaranteed profits” section. Packages currently offer by us are 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000.

What we do?

1. Provide all the assistance and information at the time of opening of accounts.
2. Provide all the information in respect to bet to be placed including events, markets, betting website and stake sizes.
3. Provide information and assistance regarding deposits and withdrawals.

In a nutshell we will provide all the information that will be required to make a profit.