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Betting as an investment


Sports betting should largely viewed now as an alternative investment to traditional methods such as the stock market and property. In the last years financial markets have suffered severe volatility over the last number of years. As a result of it, people have started to look on sports trading as a viable investment avenue or to simply supplement their own primary income. We at SB consultancy firmly believes that with the right knowledge of sports and various aspects of betting, the risks involved in sports betting are less than any other investments avenues available.

Advantages Of Sports Betting

The advantages of sports betting and trading are significant and attractive to many.
1. TAX FREE:- Money earned from sports trading is essentially tax free.
2. INFORMATION IS POWER :- In order to make any sound speculative decision information is absolutely necessary. For example in order to invest in shares of a company, the right updated information about that company is essential in making a decision to invest or not. You may only learn about a company's performance on a quarterly basis when it releases its financial results and there is often a lack of real transparency with public limited companies.
Now If we compare it to sports, for example a football team, its performance is constantly monitored on a game by game basis by the media. Reports of matches, league ladders, injuries/suspensions, statistics are widely available and anyone can access it.One can even go and observe a team closelyby being present at a match/practice sessions. That level of scrutiny does not apply to public companies and its no secret that some companieshave been guilty of manipulating their account books.
3. RECESSION PROOF:- Sports betting/trading is recession proof and is not affectedby the overall state of economy prevailing on the day.
4.QUICK GROWTH:- It takes less time to make profits. If you invest in shares, commodities or property, a majority of the time you will have to wait a prolonged period before seeing profit, if any at all. In trading or betting, there are numerous opportunities to profit and that too on a daily basis. Great potential for quick growth of funds.
5.LOTS OF OPTIONS Thousands of bookmakers/exchanges to choose from which means best price for any trade is guaranteed.
6. STARTUP BONUS OR NEW ACCOUNT BONUS:- Almost all bookmakers offer a variety of bonuses to all new customers. Some of the bonuses are free bets, 100% deposit match. This can be a big advantage as it adds up to the deposits made and substantially increases the funds to trade with.
7.IT IS FUN:- If say, you are a big football fan, the idea of making money from the sport you love is remarkable.
We at SB consultancy dont see betting as gambling but rather an investment avenue. We firmly believe that sports betting has tremendous potential for growth of funds.
The boundaries between luck and skill, and gambling and investment, are not defined by industry or activity, but rather by the person playing, and who they are playing against.