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I have no experience in betting, can I avail your services? Would I’ll be facing any problems?

Our services are for anyone who can legitimately open a/c’s on various betting websites. Prior experience in betting is not required. No need to worry. Every aspect of betting is very simple and straight forward, anyone can do it. Plus we’ll with you and we’ll provide all the necessary information. All your queries will be duly answered by us.

What if I am unable to place a bet?

What if I place a wrong bet?

Client should understand that that it’s important to place all bets as told by the company. Thus clients should carefully read the information/instructions provided by the company. It’s important to understand that any mistakes made will disrupt the process of achieving the target of profit. However still we understand that human error is possible; thereby any mistakes made by the client should be immediately informed to us. We’ll see what steps can be taken to rectify the mistake or to compensate for the losses.

What if my internet stops working?

Unless a bet needs to be placed on telephone a sound internet connection is a must.

Do I need to send any documents to your company?

Client will be required to provide any documents to the betting websites on which they’ll be opening a/c. SB consultancy generally don’t ask for documents, however in some cases if clients ask us to have look at the documents pertaining to any query, we may ask for documents, then we may ask for documents.

Is it legal for me to bet?

: It’s soul responsibility of the client to check all laws pertaining to gambling in their territory. SB Consultancy is not responsible for any illegal action/task done by the client.

Is there any referral bonus for clients?

Company has incentive modal for clients who wish to refer their friends/relatives/colleagues/potential clients to us.


What do you mean by the 250 package?

Company has various packages that are 250, 500, 1000, and 2000. 250 or any package signifies that the amount of profit you want to earn and for that client should be ready to invest twice the amount they want to earn. So in case you opt for 250 package, it means you want earn profit of 250 and you should be willing to invest 500.

If I opt for a package of 250, would I need to invest whole 500 at once?

It may be the case that company asks the client to invest whole of 500. Thus, client should be ready to invest 500 at once if asked by the company. It’s the discretion of company if whole or part of 500 investment is needed. Also it is the discretion of company whether to invest the amount 500 serially in small amount or at once.

How much fees do I need to pay? When do I pay?

Fees varies according to the package, following is the fee structure:
250 Package – Total fees 250, 125 to be paid upfront and 125 after achieving target of profit.
500 Package – Total fees 500, 250 to be paid upfront and 250 after achieving target of profit.
1000 Package – Total fees 1000, 500 to be paid upfront and 500 after achieving target of profit.

What if I want a much larger package?

We only have 3 packages (250, 500, and 1000) at the moment. You can purchase another package after successful completion of one package. Any queries pertaining to request for a large package can be emailed to us, decision will be taken on a case by case basis.